I for You・宙®

In the age of samurai‘s taste, the tea ceremony has been treated as a whole-hearted behavior that treats opponents who may become enemies on the battlefield at any time, always paying attention to everything, and showing little gaps depending on the opportunity.

Now that the structure of society and the environment of living have changed greatly, as the best thing for the times, one that fuses Japanese tradition and culture with the time and space of a new life, with respect and gratitude to our predecessors is “I for You・Sora”.

“I for You-Sora“, creating a tearoom brightly by ourselves, thinking about the words of the host, welcoming all the guests, and giving a gentle heart with a feeling of tension, makes tea.“I for You・Sora” is the pure and beautiful heart that sees the guests off and prays for safety.

“I for You・Sora®" is a new tea ceremony.
A cup of tea of touching Japanese things (lacquer = Japan),
getting to know the Japanese heart (making things),
and giving Japanese energy (tea ceremony).

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